Our Story

Hands B and CThe only way that we can explain our life together is by the grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We were satisfied singles who met at church when both of us were on break from very different schools.  Colleen was teaching in Nonthaburi, Thailand and Barrett was studying for his Master of Divinity at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  After a brief four day courtship, we knew our paths were brought together for a reason, to serve our Lord together for life.  Engaged in January and married in June 2007, we finished three degrees together before heading to serve our God and Country in the US Navy.  Our first leg of this new Journey was Okinawa, Japan.  Our second leg was having Annabelle Lynne join our journey in 2011, and now we have added two more Craigs (As of Thanksgiving Day, 2015)…this time from Ethiopia!!!  Their names are Ronnie and Lydia.  Please find out more about their journey here.

Recently, the Lord has moved us to Puerto Rico where we are serving the Coast Guard.  We are looking forward to the new normal and are excited to be a part of our Lord’s plan and hope you enjoy the ride with us!

Life's Real Journeys